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Karen Robinson trauma recovery expert

Karen Robinson, MSW, ACSW, LCSW, CCTP-II

Karen is a best-selling author, speaker, therapist, transformational coach and trauma recovery expert. Karen has been a professional therapist for 25 years. Karen is also the Founder and CEO of Heal Thrive Dream, LLC. A mother-daughter company with a mission to serve trauma survivors by healing from past wounds, thriving in their relationships, and creating dreams for their futures. Karen is certified in Complex Trauma.


60 Minute Coaching Session and Mustard Seed Faith - digital copy

Dawn Cecile Benjamin

Dawn is the CEO of Sistah Encourage Me, LLC. a women’s empowerment movement. Sistah Encourage Me collaborates with women through the facilitation of coaching as an Empowerment Life Coach with a spiritual background to transform women’s lives through the word of God. 


Sandra Lee, LMT

Sandra is an intuitive sound and energy healer. She inspires women healers and coaches to find new freedom, deeply know yourself, and shine your truth. The Make Anything Possible Method clears trauma from memories, so you can move forward. Change happens one action at a time. Breathe



Elizabeth Kipp

Elizabeth is a Stress Management and Historical Trauma Specialist, Ancestral Clearing, Addiction Recovery Coach, and best-selling author of The Way Through Chronic Pain: Tools to Reclaim Your Healing Power. In recovery from 40 years of chronic pain, Elizabeth guides people to unleash their healing power, focusing on trauma recovery.


Jessica Hammock

Jessica is the Founder of Vibrant Voice. Jessica serves as an Identity Breakthrough Coach, Licensed Trauma Specialist, Podcast Host, Speaker and Author. She holds a M.S. in Counseling and has over 15 years experience in Education. She currently is the Director of Behavioral and Mental Health.


Katharine Chestnut

Over 30 years of experience has allowed Katharine to connect with audiences to embark on journeys of self, self-care, and improved mindfulness through her warm, engaging presence that creates a safe space for exploration.


Teresa Papadopoulos

Teresa, owner of Breakthru Wellness is a Trauma Informed Master Life Coach, Somatics and Breathwork facilitator of over 19 years. She supports stressed out professional women to find safety in and connect to their body so they can thrive in a grounded and deeply self loving way.


Lisa Albinus

Lisa brings over two decades of experience as both an esteemed art educator and a dedicated leader within faith-based communities. Renowned for her ability to seamlessly integrate art with faith, she has conducted Bible Journaling studies and captivated audiences nationwide with her stage painting presentations.


Stephanie McAuliffe

Stephanie speaks, writes and teaches on our human condition. She brings awareness to the impact of our internalized trauma, our patterns, and how we heal. She’s found incredible transformation in her own journey through healing sexual abuse, and more recently healed her relationship with God via healing breast cancer.


Stephanie Lueras

Stephanie is a paramedical wellness provider specializing in individualized care to meet specific client needs. She came into the wellness space through her own journey multifaceted wellness journey and ultimately leaving a full-time ministry to pursue God’s specific purpose for her in walking alongside people to live their fullest lives.


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Carol Williams

Carol, the unstoppable force in soloist woman entrepreneurship. Since 2009, she's conquered career shifts, liberated herself from a toxic marriage, emerging as a leader in coaching. Carol empowers visionary women to unlock their potential. She's known for her holistic approach, playful spirit, and uncanny ability to inspire transformation


Benicia Ponder

Benecia, acclaimed speaker and 8-time bestselling author, transforms stories into inspiring books at Guiding 117 authors since 2016, she's not just creating bestsellers but architecting legacies of hope, healing, and transformation.


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Heal Thrive Dream

What Are Membership Benefits?

Community Support (Forums)

You will be a part of an open forum discussion with other women to ask questions and get support. I recommend participating five to seven times a week to foster your sense of community and connection. This will help you to not feel alone.

Group Coaching Calls (Zoom)

Two live calls are held each month (I strongly encourage you attend at least one of them). There is tremendous value in participating on these calls. Any teachings I do during the call will be recorded. I will not record personal conversations as we take your privacy seriously.

Tailored Affirmations

I am a wordsmith at creating short, effective affirmations that really work. I will teach you how to use them effectively, and provide other helpful tips. They will help you identify what you WANT to believe about yourself, ground you, and will turn you into a badass woman.

Bite-Size Learning

You will receive one recorded course a month, based on the monthly theme you can watch anytime. There is also a complimentary workbook for documenting your recovery throughout the program. Your workbook can serve as a place to reflect on your thoughts and action steps. Small steps can lead to big wins.

Action Plans

Each month during our coaching calls, you will get help with:

  • actionable goal setting
  • accountability
  • developing cognitive & behavioral habits
  • building confidence skills

These actionable steps will help you achieve your healing and recovery goals.

Self-discovery Exercises

These exercises complement each month's theme. They will encourage you to dig deeper while also practicing self-compassion. 

These help you:

  • develop greater self-awareness
  • visualize your dreams
  • practice healthier living

Welcome to the Coaching Guide

Your guide comes with habit trackers, calendars, a self-care planner and much more...