Virtual Workshop 5 Coping Skills for Women to Survive Holidays

Yes, You CAN Enjoy the Holidays On YOUR Terms

Does the holiday season leave you stressed, burnt out, feeling panicky instead of joyful?

You're dreading those holiday visits but feel obligated to go because it's "good for the family" or "it's the right thing to do." Except your family was (still is!) dysfunctional, and it doesn't feel 'right' during visits at holiday times - it feels worse!

Karen here, and I want you to know you're not alone! I know I'm not alone in stressing, panicking, and dreading a regression back to childhood patterns when faced with holiday time and visits with our dysfunctional families.

The triggers of smells from burning wood, too much cinnamon, or mildew from an older, neglected home. 

Looking around and seeing too much snow, the old barn, the tacky wallpaper, far-away neighbors, and it all brings up painful memories instead of a cheery greeting card scene. 

Or how hearing familiar voices has you remembering the sneering, jeering, or belittling moments of emotional abuse or criticism. 

What's your story? 

Did you have a perverted uncle getting too close? Or repeated conversations that make you cringe and hide? Intrusive comments about your weight, your job, or about your kids' behaviors?

Do even the holiday decorations bring up sad memories?

Those aren't the joyful moments they talk about in Hallmark movies!

But they're real.

And it's no wonder you're feeling anxious about holiday visits and the pressure to conform to family 'traditions'! 

We can feel moody, anxious, or trapped during these holiday visits we feel pressured to have. 

I've learned holiday coping and survival skills through my personal and professional experience with trauma. I know how to handle these triggers, thoughts, feelings, and behaviors around families. 

The good news is you're an adult and you have more power and control over the whole holiday situation than you may think! 

Now I'm bringing my top 5 Coping Skills for Women to Survive the Holidays to a live, coaching workshop for you! Just in time for you to handle this season and take back control and experience joy, freedom, or peace.

Learn the 5 Coping Skills for Women to Survive the Holidays
(for When You Have to Visit Family + Don't Want To)

Live Coaching Intensive Workshop - December 4th  10am -12pmET

Holidays Aren't Always 'All About Family'

You don't want to go home or have a big family visit, but you keep hearing that you should. You feel obligated to do 'the right family thing'. You feel miserable with no holiday joy. 

Good news, you're an adult and you DO have control over the situation. Remember, "NO" is an option!

Learn practical coping skills you can use right now, and for months to come!

You CAN Learn the Skills to Enjoy Holidays on Your Terms

In this workshop we will cover:

  • Boundaries
  • Support Systems
  • Positive self-talk
  • Personal comfort and care
  • And even practical, in-the-moment role plays! 

Discover the 5 Crucial Coping Skills to Help You Handle the Holidays
- Bring Less Stress and More Joy

This live workshop plus resources and recordings is normally $249.

BUT you can claim your spot FREE only during the Great Big Life and Biz Bundle sale.  

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About Your Coach and Workshop Leader

Karen Robinson, MSW, ACSW, LCSW Coach & Therapist

I'm a service driven social worker, therapist, and coach with 23 years of clinical experience. My clients say I'm genuine, authentic, and a compassionate provider. I specialize in trauma recovery, anxiety, and depression. In my free time, I enjoy reading, writing, and spending time with my family.