Our Purpose in Good & Hard Times

By Karen Robinson

Heal Thrive Dream 

Thank you for reading my blog again this week! I’m super proud that I have managed to post each week as that is my current goal. Thank you for being with me as my blog still needs transforming and this is still in the works! For today’s blog, I thought it would be fun to discuss an activity called list making in your journals. What you do is take prompts, (they can be about anything), you then list as many items as you can. There is no magic number but I think it’s fun to try for 7-10 items. What is also fun is art journaling around your lists or decorating your pages with stickers, washi tape, stamping, stenciling, doodling, lettering, painting, etc.  If you need a journal, consider this one: https://healthrivedream.com/product/journal-with-prompts-and-affirmations/

Prompt #1:What hard times have taught me

  • Time does heal wounds to some degree
  • This too shall pass
  • Life is not fair
  • God does look out for me
  • Our purpose can be directly related to how we heal our wounds
  • When you don’t know what to do, go help someone
  • Get a purpose bigger than your problem (borrowed from Bob Proctor: https://unstoppablefoundation.org/podcast/a-conversation-with-bob-proctor/
  • Look for lifesavers. For children this is often a trustworthy adult
  • What doesn't kill you makes you stronger (sorry, I couldn't resist!)

What have your hard times taught you? Make your own list! Grab a piece of paper or a journal or here’s a link to mine:  https://healthrivedream.com/product/journal-with-prompts-and-affirmations/

Prompt #2:My Daily Gratitude List

Give thanks for everything! Please check my last blog post to see more about gratitude. I believe gratitude is essential for our healing and thus I will be frequently posting about gratitude! Gratitude transforms our bitterness, our negativity, and our pessimism. Even in dire times, there is much to be grateful. Practice gratitude daily as it is more effective to write it down! Decorate your pages. What I’m giving thanks for today:

  • Waking up this morning (especially without the virus!)
  • Clean water – not everyone has this luxary
  • Toilet paper – I don't think that this needs an explanation…
  • Gideon's hair after his shower (smells awesome)
  • Coffee – did you see the post that some only stocked up for coffee? They figured with coffee, they could then focus on foraging for food!
  • Gracie’s helpfulness with cleaning the top of my dresser
  • Lena remembered tutoring without a reminder!
  • The comedy Tony and Grammy Dollie provide us daily
  • Jessica for being our nanny, home manager, etc.
  • All who are fighting the coronavirus on our behalf (Medical staff, grocery store clerks, truckers, delivery peeps, and anyone else that is risking their personal safety to serve or to keep food on their family’s table).

Prompt 3: All the Ways I Can Transform

We all have spheres of influence. My list below has been ongoing for years. I love brainstorming ways on working in each area. What are your ideas? Give it some thought… Here are some possibilities to consider:

  • My spiritual life – bible study, prayer, appreciating nature, church on line. If you don’t have a church, a non-denominational, diverse church that I love has online service if you would like to check out: https://live.trygrace.org/
  • My emotional growth – journaling, self care
  • Professionally/Continued education 
  • My health (nutrition, movement, vitamins)
  • Creativity – the sky’s the limit! We are all creative. Don’t let your brain tell you otherwise!
  • Financial wellbeing (budgeting, saving, investing, giving)
  • Relationships (includes significant other, parenting, friendships, etc)
  • Philanthropy – give as generously as you can

What’s coming up next: Heal Thrive Dream, Inc. will soon have a book review section and a letter area where you can submit your questions, kinda like Dear Abby style, except it will be called Dear Karen. If you have a question or issue that you would like to post to “Dear Karen”, please email it to Karen@healthrivedream.com so I can address it when this section opens up on the website. Also, until I can figure out all the bells and whistles of blogging life, please send an email to Karen@healthrivedream.com if you would like me to directly email you my blog post each week. I will later be sending out freebies, useful tips, and information on on-line classes that I’ll be teaching in the future. Stay safe, stay positive, stay kind.

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Karen Robinson

  Karen Robinson  

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