The Art of Healthy Communication

August 31, 2024 - 12PM EST

Ready to enhance your communication skills and create more meaningful connections?

I will guide you to improve your interpersonal communication skills. This course covers various topics such as active listening, conflict resolution, and effective verbal and non-verbal communication techniques. At the end of this course, you will learn valuable tools and strategies to navigate challenging conversations with confidence and empathy.

Enroll and start building more meaningful relationships that last a lifetime.

Karen Robinson

Work With Karen

Empowering survivors to heal, thrive, and dream again beyond past traumas.

All of us have our own way of communicating, but sometimes we can't avoid communication complications. In this course, I will empower you to navigate difficult conversations with ease and build stronger connections based on mutual respect and understanding.

A transformative course to help you enhance your relationships and elevate your communication skills. I will guide you step by step on the journey towards better understanding and effective interactions with others. We will focus on practical exercises and real-life scenarios, allowing you to immediately apply what you learn in your daily interactions. The advantages of this course include increased empathy, conflict resolution strategies, and enhanced self-awareness, all of which contribute to fostering healthier connections with those around you.


Trauma Recovery Expert

I'm a licensed therapist with 25 years of clinical experience specializing in trauma recovery, anxiety, and depression. I provide holistic care to create transformation and healing for trauma survivors. Heal Thrive Dream’s mission makes a real difference in the lives of women and children across the globe. Our mission serves to empower trauma survivors through manageable sized courses, accountability coaching, a community forum, and monthly action steps. We serve with compassion, hope, and our purpose strives to transform lives with holistic interventions.

When you are open and ready to make some bold shifts in your life, I’m here to guide you.

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Course Benefits

Learn how to improve your relationships by mastering healthy communication techniques, leading to stronger connections and deeper understanding with your loved ones.

Boost your communication skills through guided steps, allowing you to express yourself more effectively and confidently in various situations, both personally and professionally.

Gain the ability to navigate difficult conversations with ease, leading to less conflict and more harmonious interactions with others.

Investing in yourself care by enrolling in this course can lead to reduced stress, better mental health, and overall improved emotional well-being as you learn to communicate more effectively.

You will leave this course with a clear action plan on a more effective communication strategy

Enroll now and start on the path towards improved self-care and fulfilling connections.

What Clients Say About Karen

Forever Thankful

The CBT program Karen did for me was fantastic. Not only did I have fewer trauma-induced nightmares, I became more able to talk about my childhood and relationship with my mother without experiencing anxiety and pain. My favorite exercise was the one where I analyzed the utility of certain thoughts or beliefs, ultimately discarding so many things that were upsetting me as not useful. There were times when I felt like I wanted to give up, but Karen was great at helping to keep me motivated and accountable. At the end, I felt better equipped and more energized to take on life!


Private Client

Forever Grateful

I met Ms. Robinson after I was assaulted. My sessions with her will impact me for a long time as I needed help and an environment that would allow me to express myself without reservation and judgement. Ms. Robinson provided exactly that, some of the qualities of Ms. Robinson that stood out to me were that she was very empathetic, easy to talk to, authentic, reliable and a good listener.


Private Client

Forever Enriched

Thank you for caring so much about me. I was so touched by your concern when I shared my upcoming medical test with you. I am so grateful that God blessed me with you, and I will never forget how you made me feel. My life will forever be enriched from this experience!


Private Client

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