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I haven’t posted in a few weeks as my mother-in-law passed away. Prior to passing, we had a rough go of trying to get her as comfortable as possible. A memory that stands out is trying to follow the directions of the emergency hospice nurse while crushing meds with warm water to administer by syringe.

Can Grieving & Healing Co-Exist? Tribute to Dollie Caruthers (1944-2020)

PPE and Me Happy Sunday, everyone. I know it can feel like another day of the week for those of you isolated in your homes going stir crazy waiting for the pandemic to end. I haven’t gotten to experience that yet as I work full time in a military hospital and work most days. I

Healing From Common Thinking Errors

Thank you for reading my blog again this week! I’m super proud that I have managed to post each week as that is my current goal. Thank you for being with me as my blog still needs transforming and this is still in the works! For today’s blog, I thought it would be fun to

Our Purpose in Good & Hard Times