Let me Introduce you to Heal Thrive Dream, LLC

This is your home for encouragement and inspiration. It is also your community for tools and skills that will help you heal and recover from emotional, physical, and spiritual pain. If you want to stop in for a band-aid, we have those. If you are here for a thorough analysis into true healing; stay tuned for courses and workbooks to come. I have been a therapist for 23 years and believe my experience, my expertise, and my compassion will be invaluable to you on your journey to not only recovering, but to thrive your way to living your best life.

The Heal Thrive Dream Community

In this community, you will have access to free resources. We also offer therapy sessions via teletherapy or in person for those of you who live in Virginia. If you are interested in transformational coaching services, I can work with anyone from around the world. Please email: [email protected] to get started. We have healing journals in our boutique with more goodness to come. If you are looking for a particular item as you recover from grief, loss, rejection, trauma, etc., please email me at the address above.