July 15


Ask me a question about trauma!

By Karen Robinson

July 15, 2022

Heal Thrive Dream 

Dear Survivors,

If you have a burning or not so burning question for me, I invite you to respond to this blog post at any time. I will respond within a week (likely to be much sooner). I may also write a blog post, or an article or maybe even do a live stream! 

Why? Well because if you have a question, another survivor may also have that same question! Thus, your question not only helps you, but will potentially help someone else as well. 

One of my coaches mentioned keeping a database of all the FAQs that I get over time and add this to my website as well. What a fabulous idea! Once it is up, I will let you know. 

In the meantime, start firing up those questions and leave them in the comment box below!

Karen Robinson

About the author

I am a licensed clinical social worker in the State of Virginia. I recently started a new company with my daughters called Healthrivedream.com. My daughters will help design products geared towards healing while I will be offering coaching and counseling services.
I earned both my Bachelor’s (1996) and Master’s (1998) in Social Work at the University of Maine in Orono, Maine. I have served in Community Mental Health in Washington, DC; as a school social worker; adoption services (primarily home studies); personal therapist, and a Federal Government Social Worker (16 years).
My full career experience can be found on LinkedIn:

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