Elevate Your Healing: Milestone Monthly Coaching for Trauma Recovery

Are you tired of feeling weighed down by the shadows of your past? Do you yearn for a life filled with resilience, empowerment, and a renewed sense of self? Welcome to a transformative journey of healing and growth with my Milestone Monthly Coaching program.

What I Offer:

Personalized Guidance:

I am an expert trauma recovery coach and I am here to walk alongside you on your unique healing journey. I understand that every person's experience is different, and my coaching is tailored to your specific needs and goals.

Empowerment Through Knowledge: 

You will gain a deeper understanding of trauma's impact on your life, and learn evidence-based strategies to regain control over your thoughts, emotions, and actions. My coaching will provide you with the tools you need to thrive.

Holistic Approach: 

I believe in healing from the inside out. My coaching encompasses emotional, mental, and even physical aspects of your well-being, fostering comprehensive healing that transcends mere survival.

Highlights Of Milestone Coaching:

  • Two Coaching Sessions Monthly: You will benefit from two personalized coaching sessions each month designed to address your unique challenges, set achievable goals, and celebrate your progress.
  • Guided Healing Techniques: You will learn and practice powerful techniques to release trauma, build resilience, and nurture self-compassion.
  • Monthly Workshops: You will engage in interactive workshops led by me each month covering topics ranging from emotional regulation to self-care practices.
  • Resource Library: You will have access to a wealth of resources, including worksheets, meditations, and reading recommendations to support your ongoing healing journey.
  • Accountability and Progress Tracking: I will empower you to stay motivated with regular check-ins and the ability to track your growth over time.

Could You Benefit From This Program?

Do you desire to break free from the grip of trauma's impact on your life?

Are you committed to personal growth, empowerment, and lasting change?

Are you ready to step into a brighter future, leaving pain and suffering behind?

If You Answered Yes... Please Invest In Your Healing Today

Your journey to healing begins here. Don't let the past define your present or your future. Embrace the opportunity to rewrite your story like I did. I will provide guidance, direction, compassion, support, and accountability.

Limited Spots Available

My commitment to personalized coaching means that I have limited spots open. Act now to secure your place in The Milestone Monthly Coaching program.

Invest in Yourself.
Embrace Healing.
Thrive in your Relationships.
Believe in Dreams.

Not Sure If Coaching Is Right For You?

I'd love to gift you 15 minutes to find out.

I Invite You To Join The Healing From Trauma Together Community

In this private group membership, I hold a safe and supportive space for women who have experienced trauma. You get access to tools and resources to help heal and move forward in life. You will love being part of a community that's here for you every step of the way with hope, courage, and compassion. 

Discover how to heal painful trauma and finally live the shame free life you deserve.

What Clients Say About Karen


Private Client

Forever Thankful

The CBT program Karen did for me was fantastic. Not only did I have fewer trauma-induced nightmares, I became more able to talk about my childhood and relationship with my mother without experiencing anxiety and pain. My favorite exercise was the one where I analyzed the utility of certain thoughts or beliefs, ultimately discarding so many things that were upsetting me as not useful. There were times when I felt like I wanted to give up, but Karen was great at helping to keep me motivated and accountable. At the end, I felt better equipped and more energized to take on life!

Forever Grateful

“I met Ms. Robinson after I was assaulted. My sessions with her will impact me for a long time as I needed help and an environment that would allow me to express myself without reservation and judgement. Ms. Robinson provided exactly that, Some of the qualities of Ms. Robinson that stood out to me were that she was very empathetic, easy to talk to, authentic, reliable and a good listener.”


Private Client


Private Client

Forever Enriched

“Thank you for caring so much about me. I was so touched by your concern when I shared my upcoming medical test with you. I am so grateful that God blessed me with you, and I will never forget how you made me feel. My life will forever be enriched from this experience!”

Changed My Life

“I just completed my first month off insulin and am doing very well. Hit my under 200lbs this morning! Thank you so much, your wonderful work has changed my life and my partner. Never dreamed we could be at this point.”


Private Client