I Want to be S.M.A.R.T. When I Grow Up

By Karen Robinson

Heal Thrive Dream 

Yes, I know it is July and not January. The year is half way done and this provides us with an opportunity to either set new goals or rejuvenate our old ones!

Let’s start with some tips:

Which tip(s) are you willing to try? Let us know in the comments below.

Exploring Possibilities

What do you think is possible to achieve when you set SMART goals? 

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The SMART Framework:

What specific goals are you considering? Please share with us in the comments below. Let us know how we can best support you!

I LOVE how this framework allows us to use measurable markers or meaningful objectives. Having choices makes my heart sing! If you have been following me awhile, you know how I feel about trauma survivors having choices since they may have been deprived or not allowed options in their past. 

I’m guessing you are well aware by now that it is necessary to take actions on our goals. We could sit and set thousands of goals but none of that will matter if we don’t take action. I know, you are waiting for the motivation bug to bite you. But guess what? Motivation is short lived and not sustainable. The hard truth is that if we really want change to be present in our life, we simply need to act whether or not we are motivated or ready. Disagree? Let me know in the comments below.

Repeat after me: “I am willing and able” again “I am willing and able.” It may not feel true the first few times you say it, but I bet it will help you get to the gym!

I love habit trackers! If you would like me to send you a complimentary one designed by my team, leave your name and email in the comment box below and we will send you one! It is a perfect tool for things like the Ultimate Blog Challenge, working out, staying hydrated, etc.

Example of a SMART Goal

Here is an example of a SMART goal:

“I will be on time for work by waking up daily and leaving home by 0705 and will attend work (M-F 0800-1630) until June xxx, by having my uniform ready nightly, and meeting with my supervisor as needed for assistance.”

The example above is one I had helped a solder write after he was consistently in trouble with command for being late to work. If you don’t have the military breathing down your neck, you may find it hard to stick with your goals and that is why you may need a coach to assist with your accountability!

What is Next?

Now go write some SMART goals for yourself! Why? Because you are worth it!

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  Karen Robinson  

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