My Idea for Fun? Travel of Course!

By Karen Robinson

Heal Thrive Dream 

Our family went on a trip to Abingdon, Virginia and stayed at the Rockybrook Miller's Cabin. We found it on VRBO (we are not affiliates). Here is a partial description from the VRBO website:

“This early 1800's Miller's Cabin has been lovingly restored and is ready for your relaxing getaway. Only 7 miles from Main Street Abingdon, this cozy retreat is perfectly located for family fun. Situated a few yards from the North Fork of the Holston River, you have easy access to fishing and Adventure Mendota, a local tubing outfitter. We are minutes from Bristol TN/VA and Bristol Motor Speedway. Hiking, biking, fishing and hunting are enjoyed by area residents. Local favorites include the Barter Theatre, the Martha Washington Inn, Heartwood, The Creeper Trail (including the Appalachian Trail), and a wonderful variety of local food fare. The Highlands Festival, Bristol Rhythm & Roots and many other cultural events make our area an excellent vacation destination.

The interior of our property is the original miller's cabin built in the 1820's. In the early 1900's, the cabin was expanded and a clapboard exterior added. Master bedroom and bathroom are on the main floor. ***Please note, that the two upstairs bedrooms have extremely steep steps. This adds to the uniqueness of our cabin, but could be an issue for visitors with mobility issues.”

Highlight of the trip, Gracie spotting a HUGE beetle, like larger than my husband’s head kind of beetle. The kids tried to use a paper towel to transport it outside and this was a fiasco. Long story short, dad saved the day by picking it up and gently taking it back to his home, outside of the house. At least that is where I hope his remaining family members are located!

Traveling and getting a change in your scenery, your environment, and out of your old routine is soothing for the soul. Gideon and I went on a nature walk and admired the lake, old bridges, and an old church. The owner, Ms. Regina witnessed us walking and stopped to say hello. It is the kind of place where you can truly stop in the middle of the road without a worry about traffic! 

Tony cooked ribs, mashed potatoes and marinated fresh cucumbers to nibble on. Yummy!  The bed was a bit tough to climb into but thankfully we had some steps to use. The house was old but fun for the kids to explore. I loved how the rooms were connected, the old wood, blankets everywhere, and just the simplicity of the home. Did I mention that Reginia left us a chocolate cake? I can’t get angry about that! It was a bundt cake and she added chocolate chips. I’m bummed that I forgot the leftovers!

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    1. Hi Roy! I mentioned it in the second paragraph but very briefly. Our stay was too short to make it to the theater but hopefully next time!

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