Heal Thrive Dream: Dorothy Husen on Transgenerational Trauma and Breaking the Chain

By Karen Robinson

Heal Thrive Dream 

The Heal Thrive Dream Podcast
The Heal Thrive Dream Podcast
Heal Thrive Dream: Dorothy Husen on Transgenerational Trauma and Breaking the Chain

Dorothy Husen, an introvert and survivor of childhood trauma, embarks on a journey to help others recover from chronic illness and stress by embracing her true, authentic self and facing the truth of the past, despite the emotional turmoil of doing so.

“We can start today without having to blame anybody. I did have to deal with anger, but it came up when it was the right time for me to deal with it. We can heal ourselves and recover physically and emotionally, and it's connected. Everybody can start today.”

Dorothy Husen is a trauma survivor and an introvert, but she is determined to spread her message of hope and healing. Dorothy faced her own pain by writing and journaling, and in doing so she discovered the truth behind transgenerational trauma and healing. After her mother passed away, Dorothy was able to speak more openly about her experiences, and found healing in setting boundaries, raging back, and learning how to go inward. By doing this, she was able to pass on the message of healing to her children and her clients, and ultimately, to all those who were suffering. Dorothy Husen had found the power of healing within herself, and was determined to share it with the world.

In this episode, you will learn the following:

  1. How can we use spiritual practices to heal from childhood trauma?
  2. How can we face the truth of our past while still loving our parents?
  3. How can we use our inner resources to become better therapists and pass on healing to others?

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Chapter Summaries:

Welcome to the Heal Thrive Dream podcast, where trauma survivors become healthy thrivers. Each month will feature a theme in the trauma recovery and empowerment field. Today we're going to have an interview with Ms. Dorothy Husen. She specializes in working with people suffering from chronic pain due to childhood trauma.

“I want to help people get better and feel better and to heal. That's why I wrote my book. It took me three years to to write it, ” she says. She believes it's helping or will help loads of women out there.

Do you think it's important for most survivors to tell their story or write their story? I think for me, it started just with being able to write it. It's a big part of the healing process to start dealing with it somehow. Everybody can start today without having to blame anybody.

I've only published a small part of my story. I waited until after my mom passed away. I haven't heard from any family members at all if they've read it or not. It's still difficult for us to talk about the past.

Did you have complicated grief when your mom passed? Was it complicated for you? How was that for you when she passed? I was at peace. We were at peace with each other. It made it a real relationship. No fake stuff.

My mom came to live with me, and I was her caregiver for about 18 months. I was being triggered daily into a younger part of myself. Within six months, we had really gotten to a better place. The attachment bond between a parent and child is very strong.

Is there a part of your story that you wouldn't mind telling the readers?

How old is your granddaughter now? She's nine. It was probably hard for her to relate to a child that I'm guessing your granddaughter's parent, your child has been even a little bit like each generation gets a little better at the parenting. Eventually, I had to rage back when I started to heal.

She says she had a dependence on her husband when they first met. He came up with a plan that they would both become therapists. It wasn't until she started healing herself that she became a better therapist.

Have you ever heard of Dan Siegal's book Parenting from the Inside Out? Another one is Conscious Parenting by Dr. Shafali. It's all based on attachment theory, which is what my book is based on as well.

What are you currently reading for fun or for work right now? I just finished The Enneagram of Belonging. Also on Audible, I started listening to The Practice by Seth Godan. Do you read for fun? Yeah, that's for fun.

For trauma survivors who don't know what their first step should be, what's your best suggestion? I would suggest going to my website and signing up for my gift. Or I teach you the four breathing rhythms to heal you. And then, of course, my book, could purchase my book.

Where are you licensed to do therapy? What state? California. I have my office here in Riverside, California. You can go deeper with people that hire you to be a therapist.

I think you had lots of wisdom for our survivors who want to be thrivers. Here's how people can contact you. Dorothyhusen.com. Mindbody psychotherapist on Facebook. Please join us next week, same day and time.

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