June 21


Heal Thrive Dream – Guest Dorothy Husen

By Karen Robinson

June 21, 2021

Heal Thrive Dream 

My guest today is Dorothy Husen, a mind/body psychotherapist who coaches people dealing with chronic pain because of childhood trauma, abuse, and ongoing stress. She helps her clients get to the root of their pain and helps them live their authentic life. Dorothy is also the author of the book, Breaking the Chains of Transgenerational Trauma: My Journey from Surviving to Thriving.

The Heal Thrive Dream Podcast
The Heal Thrive Dream Podcast
Heal Thrive Dream – Guest Dorothy Husen

Karen Robinson

About the author

I am a licensed clinical social worker in the State of Virginia. I recently started a new company with my daughters called Healthrivedream.com. My daughters will help design products geared towards healing while I will be offering coaching and counseling services.
I earned both my Bachelor’s (1996) and Master’s (1998) in Social Work at the University of Maine in Orono, Maine. I have served in Community Mental Health in Washington, DC; as a school social worker; adoption services (primarily home studies); personal therapist, and a Federal Government Social Worker (16 years).
My full career experience can be found on LinkedIn:

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