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Would You Like to Start
Healing From Trauma?

No? I know you may think, "Well, of course!" Working on trauma recovery is hard work. It takes courage, determination, faith, and hope to get started.

This little e-book is a quick read and will outline other tips in our success transformation formula. Your journey will be bumpy, but so worth the trip!

Let me be your guide, as I have both personal and professional experience with child abuse and trauma. I am still healing and transforming, and my life has been an imperfectly perfect success story!

Learn the Formula to Successful Transformation from Trauma

Healing Wounds

The most important part of healing wounds is having HOPE. Learn more about hope and the other formula factors necessary in your recovery. What happened to you is not your fault. Choose to heal. You deserve it. Practice having FAITH.

Successful Transformation

Your success is much more than your career and money. Learn the key factors in our success transformation formula that involve mind-body-soul-relationships. Here are a couple of hints: PURPOSE & PASSION   

Start Your Successful Healing Transformation Today!

About the Author

Karen Robinson, MSW, ACSW, LCSW Coach & Therapist

I'm a service driven social worker, therapist, and coach with 23 years of clinical experience. My clients say I'm genuine, authentic, and a compassionate provider. I specialize in trauma recovery, anxiety, and depression. In my free time, I enjoy reading, writing, and spending time with my family.