Podcast EP110: Melissa discusses how trauma shapes your relationship with your finances.

By Karen Robinson

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In a world obsessed with accumulating wealth, it's easy to overlook the deep-rooted impact trauma can have on our relationship with money. In Episode 109 of her thought-provoking podcast, Melissa delves into this often unexplored territory, shining a light on how past traumas shape our financial decisions and overall perception of wealth. From childhood experiences to major life events, Melissa uncovers the intricate web of emotions that intertwine with money in ways we never imagined. Get ready to challenge your assumptions and embark on a journey towards understanding the complex connection between trauma and wealth.


  • Gain insight into how past traumas may be affecting your financial decisions and behaviors.
  • Learn how to recognize and address the impact of trauma on your financial well-being.
  • Discover strategies for overcoming the negative effects of trauma on your relationship with money.
  • Find empowerment and healing through understanding the connection between trauma and financial struggles.
trauma relationship with finances

Introduction to Melissa Ternes

Money touches every area of your life. Cleaning up your relationship with it will make you even more money.

Melissa Ternes is a Wealth and Money Coach and Speaker. Her unique approach, marrying the woo and the do of money, blends brain and body science, with NLP, practical strategies and your unique money history to unblock your profits.

Trauma can create a complex relationship with money, but understanding it is the first step to financial healing.

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Karen Robinson

  Karen Robinson  

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