Podcast EP112: How Nancy Found Healing through Uncovering Shadow Beliefs

By Karen Robinson

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Nancy's journey toward healing was anything but conventional. Her remarkable story of unraveling the deep-seated beliefs that had unconsciously shaped her life for years, leading to a profound shift in perspective and an unexpected path to healing. As we navigate through the depths of Nancy's personal experiences, we unearth the transformative power of confronting our shadow beliefs – those elusive, often subconscious convictions that hold us back from living authentically and embracing true inner peace. Join us as we explore how Nancy's courageous quest to confront her shadow beliefs became a catalyst for authentic healing and empowerment, offering invaluable insights for anyone seeking to embark on their own journey of self-discovery and growth.


  • Gain insight into the process of healing and self-discovery.
  • Learn how to uncover and address deep-seated beliefs that may be holding you back.
  • Discover practical strategies for personal growth and emotional well-being.
  • Find inspiration and motivation to embark on your own journey of healing and self-improvement.
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Introduction to Nancy Pickard

Splitting her time between Aspen, Colorado and Marin, California, Nancy is a certified Master Integrative Life Coach with a myriad of coaching certifications specializing in shadow work, boundaries, marriage and relationship, healing your heart, reinvention, and parenting. She is the author of the international best-selling book, Bigger Better Braver: Conquer your fears, Embrace your courage, Transform your life. Coaching others to step out off ear and into bigger versions of themselves is her passion.

Stop looking outside to other people to validate you and to heal you and to take care of you, because you'll never get that until you know how to take care of yourself and love yourself and trust yourself.

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Karen Robinson

  Karen Robinson  

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I'm licensed therapist with 25 years of clinical experience. Service driven, specializing in trauma recovery, anxiety, and depression, holistic care, and transformation to create an impact for trauma survivors globally. Services include coaching, therapy, virtual courses, digital products, and on-line memberships.

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