Podcast EP113: From Family Woes to Relationship Struggles: Val’s Inspiring Trauma Journey!

By Karen Robinson

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Trauma often remains hidden behind closed doors. Val's journey through the darkness of family trauma to the complexities of intimate relationships serves as a powerful testament to the human spirit's capacity for healing and growth. As we delve into her remarkable narrative, we are invited to witness the raw vulnerability and unwavering determination that propelled Val towards reclaiming her own sense of agency and self-worth.


  • Gain valuable insights and inspiration from Val's trauma journey to help you navigate your own family and relationship challenges.
  • Learn practical strategies and coping mechanisms to overcome family woes and relationship struggles.
  • Find inspiration and hope in Val's story, knowing that it's possible to overcome trauma and build healthier relationships.
  • Gain a sense of empowerment and resilience as you listen to Val's journey, feeling motivated to address your own family and relationship issues.
Relationship struggles

Introduction to Val Vaganek

Val is a retired special educator. She has 3 adult children, 1 with autism and epilepsy. Val is married to her best friend. She enjoys traveling, gardening, reading, bike riding, and creating mixed media art. Val also enjoys being outdoors as much as possible and her favorite place to be is oceanside. Val has experienced childhood abuse, domestic violence, sexual abuse/assault, and harassment. Val’s healing journey includes bibliotherapy, mixed media art, and therapy.

Every trauma has become a stepping stone on my journey to self-discovery. I embrace the lessons and grow stronger with each experience.

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Karen Robinson

  Karen Robinson  

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I'm licensed therapist with 25 years of clinical experience. Service driven, specializing in trauma recovery, anxiety, and depression, holistic care, and transformation to create an impact for trauma survivors globally. Services include coaching, therapy, virtual courses, digital products, and on-line memberships.

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