Podcast Episode 16: Heal Thrive Dream – Guest Esther Sanders

By Karen Robinson

Heal Thrive Dream 

Women with young children hire Esther to heal from their loss after an abortion or miscarriage. So they can be truly happy again, with themselves and their family, and so they feel full of energy and creativity again to follow their passions and make their dreams come true. Esther works with Mompreneurs and takes this a big step further, helping them not only to heal but to grow their business, big time, because their dream is to have a massive impact on the world. Esther dealt with one of the most heart wrenching experiences a young woman could go through, consciously choosing to have an abortion when she was a student. Finding her path to heal from that moment has allowed her to help others to truly and deeply heal from their trauma, be truly happy again, and design the life they desire.

Links to business/website/social media:
https://www.facebook.com/esther.sanders.8; https://www.facebook.com/groups/healyourheartgrowyourbusinesscommunity

Services or Products Offered: * Peace And Passion Program – to truly be at peace with your loss through abortion or miscarriage and connect with your passions and dreams again; * Trauma To Triumph Program – to heal your heart, build the family and business of your dreams and have the time and energy to enjoy it all; * Free PDF guide Twelve Ways To Have More Joy In Your Family (https://www.morefamilyjoy.com/); * Free PDF guide A Twelve Step Journey To Heal From Abortion (https://www.healyourheart.eu/a-twelve-step-journey-to-heal-from-abortion/); * Free PDF guide A Twelve Step Journey To Heal From Miscarriage (available shortly)

How to contact Esther?: Via email (esther@healyourheart.eu), LinkedIn or Facebook messenger

Watch the full video of this episode. 

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  Karen Robinson  

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