Podcast Episode 17: Heal Thrive Dream – Guest Munira Zahabi

By Karen Robinson

Heal Thrive Dream 

Munira Zahabi, The Niche Navigator, is an author, speaker, influencer and entrepreneur from Chicago, IL. Through her business, she has influenced many people to navigate to their niche. She focuses on, “The Riches are in the Niches” and helps business-preneurs narrow down their niche by using messenger marketing as the main deployment tool to increase lead captures. Munira’s mission is to integrate the concept of nicheology, businessology and confidienceology.

To learn more about Munira and her Niche, please visit: www.Thenichenavigator.com
Links to business/website/social media: https://www.linkedin.com/in/muniraz/ https://www.facebook.com/munira.zahabi/ https://www.instagram.com/munirazahabi/

Services or Products Offered: Coaching

How to contact Munira?: Facebook Messenger

Watch the full video of this episode. 

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  Karen Robinson  

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