Podcast Episode 29: Anissa Hudak’s Trauma Healing Journey: From Victim Blaming to Self-Love

By Karen Robinson

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Trauma survivor Anissa Hudak accidentally discovers a passion for helping others heal from their own traumatic experiences, as she utilizes yoga, essential oils, and other therapies to confront her own inner demons and find confidence.

"My yoga mat saved my life, hands down. Your situation is not hopeless. You are not helpless. You are not alone. You are loved. You are welcomed. It's temporary. What you're feeling right now is temporary."

Anissa Hudak is a yoga therapist and trauma survivor. She has a program called Trauma Healing Yoga Therapy Program which helps others heal from trauma. Anissa has used her own journey of self-discovery and self-healing to help others through their own healing process.

Anissa Hudak's life was filled with trauma, from her father's PTSD to her own rape and difficult birth experiences. In search of a way to heal and help others heal, she found Trauma Healing Yoga Therapy Program and dove in. With the help of her therapist, medication, and yoga, she's been able to take control of her life and find the confidence and hope she needs to keep going.

In this episode, you will learn the following:

  1. How to use trauma to one’s advantage and help others
  2. The importance of finding the right therapist and medications
  3. Self-care to aid in trauma recovery, such as yoga, essential oils, and journaling.

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Karen Robinson

  Karen Robinson  

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I'm licensed therapist with 25 years of clinical experience. Service driven, specializing in trauma recovery, anxiety, and depression, holistic care, and transformation to create an impact for trauma survivors globally. Services include coaching, therapy, virtual courses, digital products, and on-line memberships.

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