Podcast Episode 4: Healing Through Faith w/ Paulina Sosa: Breaking the Silence for Survivors

By Karen Robinson

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When Paulina Sosa's abusive relationship left her feeling powerless, ashamed and guilty, she turned to God's love to empower her and revive her, with the goal of reminding other survivors that their voice and their story matters and they are not alone.

"Knowing that what has happened to me does not define me, but knowing that God and his strength and his love have, in fact, revived me to be able to do this and hopefully to remind other women out there that they also have a voice and a power in their story and in their healing."

Paulina Sosa is a survivor of domestic and sexual violence, and is passionate about empowering others to use their voice and story to heal. She is the founder of the Latinx Forces Project, an initiative to empower the Latinx community, and the Breaking the Silence for Survivors storytelling project.

Paulina Sosa experienced a lot of abuse throughout her life, but it was not until she attended a conference at her church that she realized it was not her fault. She found strength and comfort in two scripture verses she had read, which remind her that she is not alone and God can transform the pain into something beautiful. To empower other women in similar situations, she is writing a book. In it she recounts her story and her journey with addiction and anxiety as a result of the trauma she experienced. Despite the pain and shame, Paulina is determined to use her story and her faith to empower other women and remind them that they are not alone.

In this episode, you will learn the following:

  1. Exploring how God's love can revive us and empower us to reclaim our voices and stories after experiencing trauma.
  2. Understanding the dynamics of domestic and sexual violence and recognizing red flags in relationships.
  3. Unpacking the power of Christ-centered healing from emotional, mental, and physical trauma.

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  Karen Robinson  

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