Podcast Episode 71: Unlocking the Secrets of Complex Trauma w/ Serafina Christine

By Karen Robinson

Heal Thrive Dream 

"Take the brave steps towards safety and stability with the power of neuroscience and the Seraphim Project."

"It is possible for you to move forward into the life that you want if you focus on you, focus on your safety, your stability, what is important for you, and you take those next steps that you know that you need to take."

Serafina Christine is an artist, trauma survivor, and neuroscience expert who combines her lived experience of complex PTSD with neuroscience to explain the ways trauma impacts people's mind, body, and spirit. She provides organizations with training on complex trauma and the impacts of poverty.

Serafina Christine grew up in an abusive household and experienced domestic abuse and homelessness. She was desperate to find a way to cope with the trauma she had experienced, and after much study, she discovered Complex Trauma. She developed her own program to help survivors of trauma and those providing services to them. With her program, she encourages people to focus on their safety, stability, and what is important to them, so they can learn to trust the world again. Serafina Christine is now working on her bachelor’s degree to become a therapist and is developing a coloring book to help people understand their nervous system. She is determined to provide the support and understanding to survivors of trauma.

In this episode, you will learn the following:

  1. How to use neuroscience to understand and support individuals who have experienced trauma.
  2. Methods for retraining the nervous system to see the world as a safe place.
  3. Strategies for taking care of oneself and cultivating safety in difficult times.

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  Karen Robinson  

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