Episode 95: The Story of Healing and Empowerment of Alena

By Karen Robinson

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Finding stories of healing and empowerment can be a powerful source of inspiration and guidance. That is why we are thrilled to present this podcast episode, where we delve into the captivating narrative of how individuals have overcome obstacles, transformed their lives, and found the strength to heal themselves and empower others. Through heartfelt interviews, insightful discussions, and transformative storytelling, this episode will take you on a journey that explores the profound impact of personal growth and resilience in our lives. Whether you are seeking motivation or simply enjoy hearing about remarkable journeys of transformation, this podcast episode promises to be an enlightening experience that will leave you feeling inspired and uplifted.


  • Gain valuable insights and strategies for healing and empowerment.
  • Learn from real-life stories and experiences of individuals who have overcome challenges and achieved personal growth.
  • Find inspiration and motivation to overcome obstacles and create positive change in your life.
  • Connect with a supportive community of like-minded individuals who are also on their own healing and empowerment journey.
  • . Enhance your overall well-being and quality of life through the insights and lessons shared in the podcast episode.
How The Story of Healing and Empowerment of Alena

Introduction to Alena Turley

Elena is an award-winning educator, mentor, podcaster, and martial artist. Most importantly, though, she's personally walked the path down to the depths of depletion, infertility, mental health challenges, early childhood trauma, and domestic violence, she's followed a pathway of intense healing that has brought her to this important work.

My vision is to spearhead intergenerational change by inviting women to step into their role as conscious custodians, be members of nurturing communities, and heal their traumas (big and small).

Creator of the pioneering parenting and conscious lifestyle blog, the Soul Mama Hub. She has been supporting mothers to make holistic lifestyle shifts since 2009. An expert panellist for the Australian Clean Conscious Awards since 2020 and has been a member of the UK Ethical Influencers Network since 2016. Her podcast, Unboxable, was highly rated on a Malaysian chart once, and - to my surprise - continues to grow in popularity.

With over 30 years of experience in and out of the home in a wide variety of industries, she holds all kinds of postgraduate and diploma qualifications (including oral history, building - yes, actual building -, secondary education, filmmaking, Hapkido instruction, and permaculture design).

She gathered communities of mothers and families in the tens of thousands across the world, from Bath, England to the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Australia, where I now live with my three children, one husband, and one doggo.

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  Karen Robinson  

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