Episode 98: How Self-Connection Heals Deep Emotional Wounds with Rev Leslie Peters

By Karen Robinson

Heal Thrive Dream 

Finding inner peace and healing can seem like an elusive goal. But what if the key to unlocking deep emotional wounds lies within ourselves? In this captivating podcast episode, we delve into the transformative power of self-connection with Rev Leslie Peters, a renowned spiritual healer and guide. As she shares her wisdom and insights, we embark on a journey towards understanding how self-connection can be the catalyst for profound healing, allowing us to mend the broken pieces of our souls and find solace in our own inner sanctuary. Get ready to explore the depths of your being as Rev Leslie Peters unravels the secrets behind healing emotional wounds through radical self-love and connection.


  • Learn techniques to heal deep emotional wounds.
  • Understand the importance of self-connection in the healing process.
  • Hear personal stories and experiences from Rev Leslie Peters on the power of self-connection.
  • Feel inspired and motivated to prioritize self-connection for emotional well-being.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the connection between self-connection and overall mental and emotional health.

Introduction to Rev Leslie Peters

Rev Leslie Peters RN is a Trauma-Informed, sensitive & aware Inspirational Speaker, Transformational Conversationalist, Spiritual Nurse Thought Leader & Visionary Consultant and Spiritual Nurse Self-Concierge. 

"When there's oneness, pain can turn into love. And the only way to feel one with others though is to take the armor off."

Have a conversation with the Rev, and you'll know her gift to instill Hope, Inspiration and Remembrance to Empower. She is a visionary, a spiritual thought leader whose " out of the box” perspective on life awakens hearts and minds to a new way of Being Self, Safe 2 Express Love & Forgiveness.

Rev Leslie Peters RN is a Reverend who teaches no religion… a Nurse who heals hearts without a stethoscope. Her prescription for healing whatever ails us is a healthy dose of HEART, Honesty Empathy Acceptance Respect Trust, administered in a nurturing space of unconditional love, acceptance, &forgiveness! When taken as prescribed, HEART shows us how to Ace Connection… Live with Love…Find Self Healing through the power of Oneness.

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  Karen Robinson  

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