Unpacking Self-Love with Tasha Champion: From Gaslighting to Empowerment

By Karen Robinson

Heal Thrive Dream 

The Heal Thrive Dream Podcast
The Heal Thrive Dream Podcast
Unpacking Self-Love with Tasha Champion: From Gaslighting to Empowerment

When Tasha Champion was awakened by God to make the biggest change in her life, she embarked on a healing journey to discover her true self, worth and purpose, overcoming the gaslighting and lack of support from her childhood to become a Shenomenal Woman and mentor others.

“I found that emotions were part of my beauty. It was part of who I was. And as I took this journey, I found my mentor and we started working together. I got a chance to really see who I was outside of titles…and I discovered life, I discovered happiness, I discovered purpose. And what I found was all of that was already in me.”

Tasha Champion is a triple negative breast cancer survivor, single mom of four and a spiritual growth and empowerment coach. She specializes in supporting women through their transformation of self-love, value, authentic happiness, and empowerment.

Tasha Champion was living a life that she was unhappy with and felt she was not worthy of living a better life. Then one night, God awoke her and challenged her to make a big change in her life. She took a healing journey to discover her identity and began to understand her worth. Through her own healing, she was able to understand and empathize with her children's emotions better, allowing her to create a safe, judgment-free space for them. When she was faced with the diagnosis of aggressive breast cancer, she accepted it as part of her purpose and used it to bring other women along her journey. She read books, listened to audio books, and watched videos to fill her spirit with positivity. Eventually, she became a visionary author of two Amazon bestsellers, inspiring!

In this episode, you will learn the following:

  1. How did Tasha Champion's healing journey lead to her understanding her own worth and value?
  2. What strategies did Tasha Champion use to cultivate a safe, judgment-free space for her children?
  3. How did Tasha Champion reframe her experience of losing her ex-husband and finding purpose in her breast cancer diagnosis?


Tasha’s Books:

Books recommended by Tasha:

The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz

The Universe Has Your Back by Gabrielle Bernstein

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Chapter Summaries:

Welcome to the Heal Thrive Dream podcast, where trauma survivors become healthy Thrivers.  Each month will feature a theme in the trauma Recovery and Empowerment field to promote your recovery, healing, and learning how to build dreams. Today's guest is Tasha Champion, transformational coach and therapist.

Tasha Champion: I took a healing journey. When I really unpacked and found who I was, I discovered life. I discovered happiness and I discovered purpose. What I found was all of that was already in me.

I grew up feeling that I was not worthy of being supported. It played out into my early 20s, into my 20s period. When God awakened me to know, hey, you got to live better than this, that's when I found that I needed to be connected to my own value.

People would say you were too emotional, and that is a direct gas lighting statement. Of course, recognizing it now where I am in life, yes, I totally realized that that was gaslighting. There's a lack of understanding of how you process and help a child through her emotions.

The author says she realized she was making her children feel the same way that she felt. She says she had to cultivate a safe space for her children to express themselves. How did your boys respond to you coming clean to them?

The author says she had to give space for her children to have their own emotions and their own feelings. November is a hard month for many, but she says she and her children reframed their relationship.

How did you reframe being a breast cancer survivor? I was diagnosed as I was going through my healing. God gave me the vision of you're going to support people. So my survival became part of my purpose.

I have a question about the books that you feel were helpful and pivotal in your healing journey. One of the main ones that sticks out is The Four Agreements. Also, would love to know more about the services you offer women now and why you.

Shenomenal Women is an anthology of the stories of 23 black women. The women share how they gave up their excuses to make a way through life's most challenging times. Each one is going to teach you something different.

“My whole mission became show women how to live life with purpose and intention ” The Shenomenal academy is a six month program that takes you through a complete journey of healing. “I want women to wake up and go, oh, my God, I love life “

Karen: There are women out there who wish they were where you and I are right now in terms of doing things in the world to make a difference. What kind of hopeful, inspirational advice do you have to them today?

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  Karen Robinson  

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